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Private equity management company

Ramy El-Batrawi  |  Founder

Highly accomplished entrepreneur offering 35 years of experience in spearheading substantial business transactions, both nationally and on a global scale.

More About Us

X, LLC is a holding company. Our primary focus is to invest in and enhance target industries. Our investment professionals have experience acquiring growing companies, enhanced through innovative operating and financing strategies.

X, LLC is a pioneer in investment strategy innovatively combining consolidation and growth strategies. We adhere to a management centric investment philosophy in identifying and partnering with exceptional senior executives to acquire companies in fragmented and growing industries. In some instances, we will identify an attractive acquisition in a promising industry and then recruit an outstanding executive to pursue the transaction with us. X, LLC also provides capital to executives to acquire the business they are already managing for corporate parent or private owner.

X, LLC is one of the most creative and effective private equity management firms with expertise in mergers and acquisition of closely held, and public companies. Highly respected for consistently delivering exceptional quality of investment expertise in companies, we also have expertise in acquiring assets or companies that go through the bankruptcy process. Investors have turned to X, LLC for our proven ability to formulate and execute the best financial solutions. X, LLC leverages its diverse experience and talented staff to provide a premium level of service and quality to each and every deal.

X, LLC understands how to work with complicated capital structures. Our unique expertise of working within the constraints of the senior debt, subordinated debt and equity markets, creates a capital structure that delivers competitive terms and minimized dilution to maximize the returns to our clients and investors.

X, LLC has distinguished itself as one of the smartest investment groups for its diverse understanding of many industries and financial structures.

In conjunction with our partners and their advisors, X, LLC assists in developing and implementing financial strategies to accomplish our partners’ investment objectives and ours. The key to our successful investments is our ability to quickly gain an understanding of the industries, the markets they serve, and their competitive position.

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